The 2018 Scholarship Recipients are as follows:

Alissa Harrison – Rogers

Hailey Olger – Beal

Taylor Collier – Beal

Alissa Harrison – Burkholder

Joseph Williams – CMCF

Kaitlen Meinhardt – CMCF

Noah Stauffer – Gurecki

McKenzie Rutz – Korson

Mason Grossbauer – Seymour

Hannah Willmore – Thwaites

Taylor Collier – Thwaites

Lily Doyle – VanderSteen

Faydra Ward – VanderSteen

Cameron Bunker – McCarthy

Kendra Shiaka – Isabella Bank

In 2018 $18,050 was awarded in scholarships.


2018 Grant Recipients

Bucket Fillers

United Way - United to End Hunger

Central Montcalm Athletic Department - Automated Timer

Humane Society of Mid-Michigan - Spay & Neutering

Alpha Family Center

White Pine District Library - Bikes

Central Montcalm Public Schools - Hall of Fame

Central Montcalm Athletic Department - Vertical Measuring

Central Montcalm Upper Elementary Clothes Closet

Central Montcalm Public Schools - The Boot Project

So far in 2018 $23,100 has been awarded in grants.

Congratulations to all the recipients!