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Central Montcalm Community FoundationOur History

The Central Montcalm Community Foundation originally was known as the Central Montcalm Public School Foundation and was founded in 1992. It was brought about by the desire to continue the positive support for the school as demonstrated by the then recently completed sports complex. It initially consisted of 7 directors and over time has been increased to the present 12. In 1993 the Foundation applied to the Internal Revenue Service to become a 501 (c) (3).

The original purpose of the foundation was to supplement existing funds for school and related activities including academic, athletic or artistic in the Central Montcalm School District. This was accomplished by raising money, which went into an endowed fund where the principal is left untouched but the investment income generated annually from the endowment was used to give small grants and annual scholarships to Central Montcalm teachers and students.

Our assets grew from 0 in 1992 to $30,000.00 in 1997. In 1997 the Foundation applied to the State of Michigan to become a community Foundation. The original Foundation was recognized by the State as a Community Foundation in 1998 and the name was changed to reflect our current status. There were two primary reasons for this change: the desire to be able to assist in meeting the needs of the entire population in the Foundation's service area and a Community Foundation provides significantly greater opportunities and options for obtaining funds and support to expand the Foundation's asset base. This has allowed our assets to grow from the $30,000.00 in 1997 to over 20 times that amount currently. We have been able to increase our scholarships, community and educational grants from a few hundred dollars a year to several thousand dollars and to support a broad range of needy community programs.

Our Purpose


(The area is defined as all of those townships, which are wholly or partly served by the Central Montcalm School District.)

Annual Reports

For complete financial reporting and updates on the CMCF activities, please view the annual reports listed below:

2014 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

Our Story

Board of Directors

Ginger Gurecki, President   1999 - June 2022
Bill Simpson, Jr.,  Vice President   2016 - June 2022
Doug Seymour, Treasurer   2017 - June 2023
Mary Miel, Secretary   2002 - June 2023
Kristy Thwaites, Director   2004 - June 2022
Mary James, Director   2022 - June 2023
Sue Kearney, Director   2014 - June 2023
Amy Meinhardt, Director   2016 - June 2022
Jeni Williams, Director   2017 - June 2023
Mark Grossbauer, Director   2018 - June 2021
Heather Jacoby, Director   2018 - June 2021
Curtis Holt, Director  2019 - June 2022
Kyle Hamlin, Director 2020 - June 2023
Christy Holt, Executive Assistant
Tom Mall, Emeritus Director

Special Committees

Asset Development Committee: Curtis Holt, Doug Seymour, Bill Simpson, Kyle Hamlin

Public Relations & Outreach Committee: Sue Kearney, Jeni Williams, Bill Simpson

Scholarship Committee: Ginger Gurecki, Kris Thwaites, Mary Miel, Sue Kearney

Grants Committee: Ginger Gurecki, Kris Thwaites, Steve Russell, Amy Meinhardt, Jeni Williams, Marty James

Events Committee: Bill Simpson, Jeni Williams, Mark Grossbauer, Heather Jacoby, Kyle Hamlin


Past Directors:
Chuck Miel (92), Harold Springsteen (92), Judy Emmons (94), Tom Wall (93), Wayne Korson (92), Jack Jorgenson (98-2000), Bill Barnwell (98-01), Tom Rogers (99-02), Lewis Elijah (96-03), Norb Vandersteen (00-06), Chuck Hazekamp (07-08), Steve Dawdy (05-08), Bill Bode (98-09), Tad Simon (01-09), Connie McKeown, Kristi Theal (13-14), Kay Rasmussen (98), Gene Bliss (92-01), Kerry Kelly (97-02), Linda Bussell (01-02), Marilyn Thomsen (98-06), John Bussell (00-06), Roger Thelen (96-08), Lloyd Scoby (06-08), Sharon Bowers (01-09), Lisa Lund (06-12, 17-18), Chris Cierlak (11-14), Larry Duel (02-15), Dave Steere (10-16), Brenda Greenhoe, Vicki Korson (06-17), Jody Wolniewicz (15-18), Steve Swiecicki (08-18), Eric Rolston (15-17), Gale Parr (06-19), Ron Simon (17-20), Steve Russell, Director   2013 - June 2023, Franz Mogdis, Director   1993 - June 2023